The Phoenix Remix Live – The Music Playlist

At the Phoenix Remix Live, we made sure that all of the music that was played in the breaks and when the audience walked in was relevant to articles on the website, or it was teasing up articles that are coming in the next few months. For all those that were at the event I said I would post an article with a list of songs that played so that they can refer back to them. Also, for those who could not make the event, I thought it would be good for you to also maybe find new music or even discover an article you may not of read yet.

Lettuce – Royal Highness

This is a jazz band that are set to tour the UK in February and we are soon to be releasing an article about their 2019 album Elevate very soon. They have been nominated for the 2020 grammys for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album as well.

The Score – The Rush

Last year we reviewed their latest EP Stay and this year we are going to their show in March to review them, so stay tuned!

Veronica Fusaro – Lie To Me

We started off a new feature last year called The Single Sessionswhich takes in depth looks at new songs – this was one of the first articles that we wrote for that feature and it wa about this song.

I Don’t Know how But They Found Me  – Choke Acoustic 

They have their first ever full length album being released later this year which we are going to be reviewing but we have also looked at their debut EP on here before on our Off The Record feature. 

Ant and Dec – Better Watch Out

We love looking at Forgotten Pop on this website and this is a song that we looked atright of the start of this yearso it was only right that we included it in the playlist. It is a song by the duo that isn’t as remembered as others so it was fun to play it in a public forum.

Dustbowl Revival – If You Could See me Now 

At the end of this month, Dustbowl Revival is releasing their brand new album so we wanted to celebrate this by playing one of their songs at the event as we are going to be reviewing it upon its release.

Alkaline Trio – We’ve Had Enough (acoustic)

We have started a brand new feature called theMagic Of The Music Video and February is the month that we celebrate and look in depth at Alkaline Trio videos so what better way to tease this then by playing the acoustic version of a video I have a lot to talk about.

Panic! At The Disco – This Is Gospel (piano version)

We have spoken about this song alot on this website but the most recent time that it was talkedabout was songs of the past decade! I decided to play the stripped back version as it is truly beautiful and wanted to promote it more.

Lucky Chops – Full Heart Fancy

At the end of last year, Lucky Chops went on tour around Europe and we were there to review their London Show.It was to celebrate the release of their first ever album and this was one of the singles off it and it is a fun energetic musical melody.

Marianas Trench – Only the Lonely Survive

Last year we also went to Marianas Trenchs gig and reviewed them, we also interviewed the frontman Josh Ramsayback in April about the up and coming tour. This is one of their songs from their latest album Phantoms.

Yungblud – Loner

Yunblud is our One to watch musician for 2020 so it is only right that we added him to the playlist. This song is one of his earlier songs but it is also one that is really catchy and highlights his talent.

New Politics – Unstoppable 

This is another song that we mentioned in our article for Off The Record – when this album was released we released our review and it iontroduced some more people to the Danish American band.

Ilan Rubin – Going To Be OK

At the end of last year, we reviewed not one but two of the EPs by Ilan Rubin and this song was on one of them. This song came off the album Mind and the piano really makes it unique.

Simple Creatures – NVM

Simple Creatures really made an impact on the music industry last year and we were on top of reviewing their EPs with the Off The Record articles. This was off the second EP by the band.

Jack Broadbent – Tonight

Last year we did anin depth album review of Jack Broadbents latest albums and this was one of the songs on the album. I wanted to has his music promoted more and introduce him to new audiences.



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