REVIEW: Lucky Chops, O2 Academy Islington

Last night Lucky Chops took over the O2 Academy in Islington with their brass music and a party of all sorts.

The night kicked off with their support band Das Brass – a London based brass band that produce covers of pop and punk songs. They were highly entertaining and really got the audience energized and pumped. Their unique style and approach to songs made them really interesting to listen to as it felt like they messed with the ideology of genre and created something completely different. The band brought their own style of dancing along the way as well which is really hard to do with some of the instruments they were playing. A highlight in the dancing was the sousaphone player – how a musician can bust out moves whilst holding a beast like that instrument is already hard enough but the dancing styles he did with it was entertaining and fun.

Lucky Chops were on stage at 9pm sharp and approached the stage with such a strong energy that it felt right from the start that we were transported to a party. I have never been but it made me think this is what Mardi Gras would be like as the performance throughout the whole set energized and brought the audience to life. Most of the set the band didn’t really mess around with talking to the audience and instead focused on bringing as much music as they possibly could to the stage. When they did talk to the audience it was to create an immersive experience and to get them involved with the singing or interacting with others in the crowd.


Photo Credit: Bartolo Creations 

The best thing about Lucky Chops was even though the Trombonist and the saxophone players came across as the front men of the group, every member got their moment in the sun – throughout the show, every musician whether is be the drums or a trumpet, got a good moment to have a solo and highlight the talents that they have.


Photo Credit: Bartolo Creations

Some of the highlights of the night include a mash up songs which included the Spice Girls, a sort of dance / music off between a tambourine and a brass instrument similar to a saxophone but it had an entirely different sound and their lead single off the debut album Full Heart Fancy where the audience went wild.

This is a band that is for all age groups – one side of me I had a married middle aged couple and the other a father with his young teenage daughter. Looking around in the audience everyone was enjoying the music as much as each other.


Photo Credit: Bartolo Creations 

From seeing Lucky Chops live it is evident why they have become as big as they are – it is not just about the music it is about the experience they bring to audiences on stage.  The way they can create a narrative by just dancing and interacting with each other on stage whilst playing an instrument is very intelligent. This band may be all about the music that they produce but the choreography is just as strong.

***** 5 Stars

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