Ones To Watch in 2020 – MUSICIAN – Yungblud

2019 really was the year where Yungblud started to make himself known, with collaborations with everyone from Travis Barker to Machine Gun Kelly, selling out tours left right and centre. He has already charted into the top ten with his EP the Underrated Youth that even went into number 6 in the UK charts. If 2019 was the warm up, then 2020 is the year that Yungblud is going to knock down that door and make the entrance you were not expecting and won’t be going anywhere.

Yungblud already has a huge following and is becoming a voice of the youth, with his bold and strong lyrics it is not hard  to see why. He is already making a mark on the new year as he is one of the nominees for the BBC Sounds of 2020 award.

Also he is a musician that whilst dresses in attire that is bold and making a statement he is also very kind and caring towards his young fans. This year he already has a residency of shows in London that sold out so quickly that they had to extend the run to five nights. This is a musician that in his early twenties is already chanigng the way we see music and 2020 is going to be the year that he will get bigger and bigger.

The way that he is breaking down the genres of rock music intertwining it with indie, rock, punk and a hint of hip hop it is not hard to see that this new sound is going to make an impression on the new decade, just watch this space.

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