In Depth Album Review

The In Depth Album – REVIEW – Moonshine Blue, Jack Broadbent

When looking for new band or a new album to listen to, you want something that is going to create an impact and stay with you for one reason or another. Today musician Jack Broadbent releases his brand new album Moonshine Blue and we were able to listen to it before its release.



He is a musician that is making a name for himself as the ‘new master of the slide guitar’ and this year even sees him tour with music legend Ronnie Wood. Jack Broadbent is a musician that combines virtuosic acoustic and slide guitar playing, with poignant folk and blues inspired vocals. Jack is originally from Lincolnshire and has toured all over the world with his music. He has four full length albums under his belt already.


The brand new album Moonshine Blue is the fourth studio album from Jack Broadbent. It is home to singles such as Everytime I drown and Wishing Well, as well as seven other tracks. The album has a very folk acoustic sound to it which has Jack’s unique style added to it.


Moonshine Blue

This is the opening track on the album and the music melody gradually builds throughout the whole four minutes of the track, this allows you to really focus on the lyrics that are being sung which have a poetic feel to them. It is evident in this track that Jack’s sound is unique and you can head the slide guitar throughout but it actually goes in time with the mellow sound of this song. The highlight of the track is the chorus and the build up to it because the instrument construction keeps building throughout and each chorus is slightly different which makes it a very harmonious song to listen to.


This song right from the start is a song that creates an impression and you won’t want to leave it in a rush. The intro of this song has a cheeky metaphorical undertone to it and when the piano melody hits in after the first guitar riff you can feel the rhythm and Blues prominent in this song. It is uplifting and has a really fun sort of essence of honky-tonk genre style to it. The part of the song to look out for is the musical interlude with the guitar solo – fast paced, creative and a good sound to listen to.

This Town 

This is a slower track on the album but it is very beautifully constructed and allows both the music and the lyrics speak words in their own ways. Having this sort of song on this track shows the talents of Jack Broadbent and the different ends of the scale that he can write for. This is a song that you can imagine being in a musical montage part of a romantic drama film as it has that sort of vibe to it.


This is a toe tapping feast of a song that focusses more on the bass tones of the guitar that creates a more gritty and dirty melody for the song. You listen to this song waiting for the odd twang here and there on the lower strings to create a unique melody for the song. Again the music heightens the lyrics that are being said and the emphasis of walking this far is again heard metaphorically through the music.


This album is one I would recommend listening to, especially if you are a fan of acoustic guitar led music. It is a well constructed album with a bit of everything on it – it is clear to see why Jack is selling out tours around the world and supporting esteemed acts as well. Listen to for the experience, stay for the guitar melodies and the construction of the songs.

Rating:  7/10

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