Alternative Christmas Songs

Are you fed up of the same Christmas songs being played over and over again on the radio or at the work party? Are you looking for something that little different? Well, why not try some of these delightful rock covers or songs instead and guitar up your […]

The Music Guide – Cobra Starship

It was announced in November that the band Cobra Starship were breaking up for good. The band which was signed to Pete Wentz’ label Decaydance and announced the split on November the 10th as they all wanted to work on new projects including them starting up a new […]

I’m In A Band -Jada Pinkett Smith

Famously known for being married to the Fresh Prince, Will Smith and being an actress who in the past year has terrorised our screens as the notorious gangster Fish Mooney in Gotham, it is not just her husband who has musical talent. Jada has a musical past too […]