In The Games Corner – The Flintstones, Amstrad CPC

Today we look at a computer game that was released at the end of the 80s and pasted on the iconic cartoon family. The Flintstones was released on computer game systems such as Amstrad CPC it was developed by Teque Software Development and published by Grand Slam entertainments.

The whole game is made up of four levels Fred finishes work and really wants to go bowling with Barney but before he can he has to do a number of tasks and challenges in both of the houses. It includes challenges such as painting the walls catching Pebbles squirrel and fixing the car. The game also has a practice mode which allows you to explore each area.

The game received an average reception from the critics. It was praised for the graphics and the sound it was heavily criticized for its bowling sections as it takes realism far too. Literally because the pins re-stack after every time you bowl.

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