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Forgotten Pop! – This week – The Cartoons

This week we look at a group that had a lot of successful songs in the UK at the end of the nineties / early noughties. They were known for their wacky style and their animated look. Yes, today we look at the pop group The Cartoons.

The group formed in 1996 and were from Denmark; formed of Toonie, Sponge, Shooter, Buzz, Puddy and Boop, obviously not their real names but their stage names. Their genre of music was classed as Glam Pop / Eurodance.

The group had many successful hits around Europe and the UK with congs such as “Witch Doctor” which reached number 2 in the UK, Doohdah, Aisy Waisy and Let’s Go Childish. When the group were together they sold over 2 million albums and this lead to them to be one of the most successful Danish Pop Groups ever. The Cartoons ended their career in 2006 with a greatest hits album with two new tracks on it. SO today lets have a look at some of their classic hits that made us dance at the end of the nineties.

Witch Doctor

Doo Dah

Aisy Waisy

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