Celebrating Comedy Month – INTERVIEW – The Phoenix Players

The year 2020 has been a very unusual one and the fact that a lot of festivals have been postponed this summer we wanted to do things a bit different. Due to the fact we cannot use this time to interview and promote acts heading to the fringe, we thought we would use this time to celebrate all forms of comedy! So over the next month we are interviewing an array of acts with some fun questions so you can get to know them a little bit more! Today we talk to the websites House team – The Phoenix Players

Hello there. Tell me all about your group!

Hello there we are the Phoenix Remix House team! We always like to experiment with lots of new ideas and play predominantly at the Live shows that the website hold, although we may be planning bigger things for 2021.

What are your favourite things about being in your troupe?

We want to make the troupe about improv and not the members of the troupe. Right from the start we decided not to use social media to publicize the improvisers but to focus on the actual improv and what we are bringing to the stage. I love the fact that we also like taking something and trying to completely spin it on it’s head.

Describe each member of the improv act by describing their characters by what animal they would be?

I would say that we are all like dogs – excited, love learning new tricks and always want to play.

What has been your favourite show so far?

The first show we did for Phoenix Live – we did a part scripted part improvised show and broke it up into mini segments throughout the show and the audience absolutely loved it.

How was your group founded?

The website started to host live shows and felt it would be good fun to have a house team.

What is your favourite thing about performing improv?

The energy and excitement of creating something out of nothing.

What is the most important skill you have learnt and why?

Listen to your team, it is not all about yourself on stage make sure others shine and HAVE FUN.

Describe your group for people who have not seen you live in 5 words beginning with the letter H?

Happy, Hyper, Hilarious (!), Hardworking and Hungry (for good improv and food!)

You can only watch three other improv acts for the rest of your life – who would they be and why?

Ooo good question! I can’t speak for the others but for me personally I would say The Noise Next Door as they got me into improv and I find them hilarious, Bugiardini’s “Shhh – an improvised silent Movie” as it blew me away when I saw it and it is one of the best improv shows I have seen and Comedy Store Players.

What makes a good improv scene?

In Short Form – its all about the silliness and seeing the improvisers having fun. If things mess up it doesn’t matter it is all about the quick and in that moment.

In Long Form – when people remember what they have set up and call back to it. Keeping the narrative going.

In all improv – seeing everyone on stage having fun!

What has been the best suggestion you have been given by an audience?

A fish and Chip shop – I didn’t realise how fun that could be!

Dream location to perform a show and why?

For me personally, The Comedy Store I love that place, when I walk in and see iconic comedians on the wall and think of the legends that have performed there it gives me shivers.

If people want to find out more about your group, where can they go on the socials?

We’re @PPimpro on most social medias if you can’t find us you can search Phoenix Remix Players

Finally, which improv group would you as a team love to do a collaboration with and why?

I would love to do one with the Italian group Bugiardini because they really did blow me away with how good they are, also I am learning Italian so that may be fun to try and incorporate.

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