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The Travel Book – Shad Thames, London, United Kingdom

Some of my favourite parts of London are the areas that aren’t really the tourist areas but they are just off of them and have so much history that you can feel it when you walk down that particular road. That is why I love areas of the Docklands as you can still see hints of the history planted around and imagine what it could of been like. However we will leave that area for another time and instead today we are talking about another area I love just as much.

If you happen to visit Tower Bridge or the Tower of London, be sure to take time to make a visit to Shad Thames. The riverside street runs along the south side of the River Thames and it has a historical background to it. The street has been around since the 1800’s and is known to have been one of the largest warehouse complexes in London at this time.

Nowadays, the area is known for being home to some really well known restaurants such as La Pont de la Tour and The Blueprint Cafe. The street has appeared in many television and films including Oliver, The Elephant Man, The World Is Not Enough and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I have really liked this area from a young age as I was fascinated by it as it looked so different to any other of area I had ever been to. I always loved the way the road looked, the bridges that go across the street but the one thing that used to amaze me was watching the chefs cook in the windows of the restaurants it used to amaze me. It was also a place I always wanted to live when I was a kid and imagined a huge apartment with a great view of the thames.

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