The Music Guide – Busted

This week it was announced that after an 11 year break, the boyband Busted were reunited with Charlie Simpson and are set to release new music and tour around the UK in 2016. The band split in 2004 after Charlie Simpson decided to quit the band as he […]

Comedian King of the Gamers….

Bored of the same old style of reviews when it comes to seeing if a computer game is worth buying for your console? Want someone to give you a completely different outlook to the game that you are potentially thinking of buying? Then the Conan O’Brien series of […]

The Music Guide – Good Charlotte

It was announced last week that Good Charlotte are set to make a come back and pretty much straight after that announcement, they released a single for their brand new song Makeshift Love also revealing that they were going to make their come back gig at the Troubadour […]