Improv Corner – New Season, Let’s Refresh!

The summer sadly may be over, but it does mean that a new improv season has begun! Groups return from the Fringe to their home towns with glory and pride (as well as exhaustion), new lessons begin and those who have had a summer break feel refreshed and ready to learn and leap into more comedy.

How was my summer? Well, firstly thank you for asking (even if you didn’t) and you can read all about it by going to the latest Improv Diaries.

With a new season, it’s a great time to get back to basics and really remember the core skills of improv that make it matter and more importantly make it fun!

Say Yes 90% of the time

As any improviser knows, saying yes to anything that you get given in a scene is how you push one along. Always feel ready to commit to what your scene partner is about to say! Be ready to become a businessman Pineapple of you are told you are one. There are obvious times when you can say no to something that is happening but make sure that you do not do it to block a scene in developing.

Remember your Object Work

If you are in a scene don’t forget to use objects – holding a tennis racket? commit to the fact that you are holding one all the scene and make it realistic. Object work looks great to an audience and really makes them fall into the world you are creating.

Location, Location, Location

Location is everything in an improv scene and so many times improvisers forget to bring the location alive and focus on talking. The next time you get given a location really think about it and what you imagine being in that sort of location and make that image in your brain come alive.

Paint The Scene
One thing that is so satisfying to watch is when someone really commits to painting the scene for the audience. If you feel something is in the scene then make the audience believe it as well!

So, welcome back to a new season and I hope that these little tips help and maybe refresh your brain a little.

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