NEW FEATURE: Forgotten Songs! – This Week – Long Hot Summer

Welcome to a brand new strand on The Phoenix Remix. Whilst I adore writing about Forgotten Pop, I have been writing it every week for 2 years so I felt that it was time to mix it up and look at the topic from a different perspective.

I listen to a lot of music and like listening to radios on Spotify; the other day I heard a song I hadn’t heard in such a long time that it was sort of like a nostalgic hit. It wasn’t a song I loved or admired but it was one that at one point was everywhere you turned. That song inspired this article.

There are so many songs that are out there everywhere then all of a sudden they disappear and you only hear from them on cheesy countdowns run by music channels over Christmas if you are lucky.

So roll up and welcome to Forgotten Songs and today we start with the song that started it all.

Long Hot Summer – Girls Aloud 

I was listening to a Spotify Radio the other day and this song came on. It sounded so familiar but at the same time like something I had completely forgotten about. It was only when the chorus kicked in that I realised that it was a song that I knew but had forgotten. Considering that it got into the UK top 10, I was still surprised I had forgotten it.

Long Hot Summer was a single by Girls Aloud that was released in 2005 in, ironically enough, the Summer month of August. The single was taken from the album Chemistry. According to research the song was produced in D flat Major and apparently had comparisons to Bananarama.

The song was written by an array of people including Miranda Cooper and Brian Higgins and produced by Xenomania. The music video on YouTube has had 2.3 million views and shows the girls in a car workshop as mechanics.

I was trying to work out why I had forgotten about this song and read that it was created for the film Herbie: Fully Loaded. Since it was a film I had no interest in that it could of been a reason that it passed me by. (It also explains why they are mechanics in the video…but it is a bit sexy for a music video for a kids film…)

Secondly, I read that it was the first song of theirs that missed the top 5 in the UK charts – so again, because they were such a big group, I wonder if this is another reason it passed me by was that it didn’t do as well.

Listening to it again for the first time in years, I can understand why I don’t remember it. The chorus is ok but the rest of the song feels quite forgettable and I thin it’s because it is sung in such a high tone. A lot of Girls Aloud songs were pretty catchy however I  don’t find this one is. Also I am not a fan of the lyrics – they are really weak and just bad enough that they are not easy to remember. Also when is it ever 95 degrees in the shade?

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