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The Travel Book – Walking The Highlands – The Broomstick Witch Trail

Over the Christmas period, I went to Fort William and in that time walked just under 90 miles. Whilst I didn’t climb Ben Nevis, I did a lot of walking and kept a diary of a few of them and give you an insight into what you can get up to in that area of the highlands. If you don’t want to go to the areas near Ben Nevis, there are some fantastic walks that focus more on the town areas that can still welcome you to some amazing views and sights. Today’s walk takes you to the base of Ben Nevis to do the Blue Broomstick Witch Trail

Today’s walk takes us through a woodland area of Fort William, we got lost on a golf course and walked to the actual car park where it starts so I will miss all of that part of our walk out and start at the beginning of the walk instead.

The witches trail walk can be accessed via the car park at the North Face. There are a number of different trails and they are actually also for Mountain biking and are the home of competitions. Today we are looking at one of the easier routes that was also a nice walk. The one I am talking about today is Broomstick Blue. The whole walk is 4.3 miles and you have to be a medium / intermediate walker to do it as it has some rough terrain.

The whole walk trickles around the River Lundy. It really does depend on which way you go to have your experience, so I am not going to discuss the route, instead I am going to talk about my highlights of this route.

The Woodland Area

This area of the walk is magical, it is like walking through a story book or a place where the fairies hide. The trees are so tall and some of the greenest trees I have ever see it is a wonderful place.


There are some fantastic views of the River Lundy that it makes the walk really fun. There is an area where there is a wooden bridge over it which gives you some fantastic views, also dogs love it. There was a cocker spaniel as we walked past that was loving the fact he could jump non stop into the water from a high ledge. Also next to the water there is a witch who has hit a tree. If you stand there in silence the water makes a wonderful noise.

The Mossy Areas

This is another patch of woodland but it has more of a moisture to it so it is more damp and it has a lot more moss everywhere and vegetation. The thing about this place is that it is so different to the rest of the walk. You actually walk on the wood boards so it can be slippery but it is lovely and feels so remote.

The walk is really exciting and gives you a whole different perspective of the place which is wonderful.

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