Comedy Cinema – This Week – Meet The Parents

Welcome to the sister article to Comedy Clicks! Each week, we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best comedy films that the world of cinema can offer! Today we will be looking at Meet The Parents

About the Film

Summary of Plot

.Male nurse Greg Focker meets his girlfriend’s parents before proposing, but her suspicious father is every date’s worst nightmare.- iMDB

Year Of Release


Running Time

1 Hour 48 Minutes


Jay Roach

Opening Weekend Box Office total




Robert De Niro – Jack Byrnes
Ben Stiller – Greg Focker
Teri Polo – Pam Byrnes
Blythe Danner – Dini Byrnes
Jon Abrahams – Denny Byrnes
Owen Wilson – Kevin Rawley

Song From the OST


  • The MPAA would not allow the name “Focker” unless the filmmakers could find an actual person with that surname.
  • Robert De Niro originally wanted to train the cat himself, but then realized that would take up several months of his life. Instead, he would carry kibble in all of his pockets, which helped him enjoy a very cooperative relationship with the animal.
  • At one time, Jim Carrey was slated to star as the lead and even contributed jokes to the screenplay, such as the main character being named “Focker”.
  • Jay Roach wanted the whole movie to feel like an “anxiety dream” for Greg.
  • Ben Stiller hated his clothes in the film. Director Jay Roach said it was all part of the plan to keep Stiller as uncomfortable as Greg.


Pool scene

Jacks Picture Frame

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