Nostalgic Nineties – Skirts Over Trousers, Skants

If you look at any pop music video from the nineties that had a female in it you can gurantee that at some point in their career they would of worn this fashion trend. Off the top of my head I can remember both Britney Spears and the girls in Steps havign a music video with this fashion (also off the top of my head I think it was Born To Make You Happy and the one in the sunshine for Steps [goes to internet and checks]) The skirt over trousers was a huge fashion in the nineties and was a look that any girl wanted to have.

The technical term for this fashion trend which I find out myself today was called a Skant! Well, saying that, a Skant was actually a fashion atrire that was deliberately made to combine the trouser and skirt toghether in the same material. These were usually owned by people with lots of money or were famous (Zoe Ball was a regular wearer of the Skant). Others had to make do and just wear a skirt over a pair of trousers and there are a lot of examples of this as well if you look online at the nineties including the Irish Girlband B*witched.

The fashion trend was one of the late nineties and when it hit, it hit hard. The Skant was avaiblable from a lot of retail stores and the skirt part was sewn around the waistband part of the trousers. I personally cannot remember if I wore a Skant or a skirt over trousers – i don’t remember at all – i am sure i did own a skant but i may of forgotten. Looking back at it i remember it being a used a lot in pop music. I spent a lot of my childhood (and time now) watching music videos.

However, like all fashion trends, it is circular and comes back in fashion – at the moment the nineties are making a real comeback and last summer it could be seen rocking the stages at fashion shows and catwalks.

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