The Travel Book – Diamond Botanical Gardens, St Lucia

Everyone loves a good garden to relax and wind down in when they are away on holiday and one sort of place that is particularly popular amongst tourists when they are abroad is a botanical garden. What is a better place to visit a botanical garden then right in the caribbean? Diamond Botanical Gardens is based in Soufriere in St Lucia and is the home to everything exotic.


The botanical garden is known as one of St Lucias Natural wonders and it is not hard to see why. The tourist attraction is spread across six acres and includes an aray of plants including Hibiscus, Ixora, Heliconia and Anthurium; they range from really unusual styles to really bright and wonderful colours.

It is not just home of exotic plants, it is also the home of a variety of waterfalls that are formed from the water coming down from the volcano. The waterfalls are something not to be missed as the water is full of lots of minerals and creates a really colourful experience.


The Diamond Botanical Gardens are also home to nature walks and a Mineral Bath Spa which you can find out more by visiting the website. It is home to two original baths where you can chill and relax in mineral based baths.

The Diamond Botanical Gardens is one of those places that I suppose highlight just how exotic St Lucia is – it is  really relaxing and lovely to see plants in a hot climate like this island because they have a really interesting environment and live on an enriched volcanic soil island.

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