Improv Corner – We Review Some Improv Generator’s

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When you do an improv rehearsal, it can be really time consuming coming up with ideas for suggestions. Yes you can write them down or think about them at some point but there are people that have created things called improv generators online which can allow you to make it easier. There are many of them but today we are going to look at only a handful but do have a look online to see what ones appeal to you as well.

Loulou’s Improv Generator


Types of Generators: Scenarios, Emotions, Environments, Genres, Lines

Verdict: Whilst the website is very basic it really is great, especially if you are accessing it on the go because it is very easy to navigate. The one thing that I really liked about this website is that the fact it has so many options in which it can generate. I clicked one of the types for 50 times and the original suggestion did not pop up which was great there was lots to play with that were different. There were a few that were similar but worded differently but a good mix for you to work with. Also the way you can clear the suggestions is also really helpful as well.

Improv Prompt Generator


Types of Generators: New Line, New Emotion

Verdict: I found only having two generators very limiting and I would of preferred if one of them was a location or a profession suggest button. I clicked the emotion button for 34 times and then started to get repeats on the types and it showed my original suggestion of Ironic, which is not too bad and still allows you to have a variety throughout rehearsals. However saying that when I clicked the New Line button there was endless lines that could easily be used throughout which were all very varied. I think the one thing I didn’t like was there was no clear button.

Can I Get A


Types of Generators: Location, Relationship, Word

Verdict: This website is very simple in design but yet again if you are using this on the go you want it to be as easily as possible to read. This website is great for the amount of words you get for each topic and I didn’t find a repeat in any of the topics the whole time I sped clicked through them. If you are looking for a generator for a show then I think this is the easiest to read on the go. The only thing I feel it is missing is a clear button

Improv Glasgow Improv Suggestion Generator


Types of Generators: Word, Emotion, Location, Job, Wikipedia Page, Song, Random Line From Moby Dick

Verdict: This website I think has been set up specifically for an improv troupe that uses these suggestions on a regular basis and that is great as there are a lot of options in it. Even though some are really specific having options like random wikipedia page could be fun for an actual suggestion. The one thing I found though was that the Random Song button didn’t seem to work which is such a shame as I think that was a great addition to the site.

There are so many Generators now on the market that I will make sure to visit this topic again this year to have a look at other ones available and maybe even delve into the world of apps as well.

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