Comedy Book Corner – Modern Romance: An Investigation, Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberga

I know this name has been in the media this week but I have recently finished reading this book and only read it once I finished writing this review and reading said book a few days before. So this is still going out because as a book it’s one that’s a very good read and feel it needs to be mentioned as it is by a comedian. We are not going to focus on the said comedian instead just the topic of the book.

Similar to a book we discussed the other month by Sara Pascoe, this sort of book follows the same track. The world of dating. This book explores the world of modern dating and how things such as apps and modern technology has changed the way that we look for love in the modern day society.

It has a lot of interviews with focus groups from around the world and discusses how we date and how it’s different depending on where you live. Some places find modern technology and advantage and others are finding it difficult to actually find love as there is too much choice.

This book is very in depth and really interesting the topics raised and really gives a strong perspective and look at the modern world of dating. I personally found it a very easy book to read and also very interesting. It wouldn’t matter to me who wrote this book whether it was a comedian or not – the topic at hand is very interesting to explore.

Readability Rating: 7/10

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