Taste Of States With John Egan – This Week – Burger King Whopperito

John Egan is a comedian from Green Bay in Wisconsin and when he is not making audiences laugh their socks off he is trying all the new weird and wonderful food and snacks that America has to offer! We have teamed up with John to bring you on this magical and sometimes tasty food journey!

We are going to delve into the facts and origins of the food and then will have a One Take Review by John. So, ladies and gentlemen welcome to the world of TASTE OF STATES



Today we look at an item that was added to the Burger King in 2016 and is basically the closest thing to what you will get to a Burger Burrito.

The Whopperito has all the ingredients of a normal Burger King whopper but instead of being in a bun, it comes wrapped in a tortilla. Also instead of having ketchup and mayonnaise in the mix it is replaced with queso sauce. The initial trial for the new product was in Pennsylvania and due to it’s popularity it started to sell nationwide. The Whooperito was never meant to be a permanent fixture and was part of the menu for a temporary amount of time.

The Burger King Whopperito sells for $2.99 and even though it was a burrito and their first delve into the Tex Mex style they made sure that it wasn’t too spicy so that it could appeal to everyone.

Even though the concept of a burger in the style of a burrito may sound a bit weird, it actually received positive reactions from the franchises fans. People liked the fact it was easy to eat on the move unlike a burger and they really liked the sauce that went with it. There was even a campaign set up on Facebook to bring them back. Was John one of it’s fans? Well there is only one way to find out:

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