The Best Comedian Autobiographies part 1

There are so many great autobiographies out there. As a person who loves comedy, I find myself reading a lot of stand up comedians books about how they made it into the industry. I enjoy them because some are really funny and others are very emotional. Now when it comes to reading autobiographies it can be very difficult to decide where to start and what you think will be a good read. The first biography I ever read was one about Robbie Williams. Now, I say biography because it was a writer who had interviewed him and followed him around to get inside his mind.

However I prefer autobiographies and since reading my first one I now read a lot. I tend to read mainly comedians ones (and Bear Grylls / Ranulph Fiennes as I am a huge fan) because they are usually light hearted. I don’t want to be reading anything too heavy if it’s for relaxing.
So, here is your first part of our guide to some of the best comedian based autobiographies around (and i say part one as I am constantly reading them and want to be able to tell you about any more great ones! )
Michael McIntyre – Life & Laughing 
McIntyre Madness

McIntyre Madness

If you are looking for a book that is going to make you laugh out loud then this is the autobiography for you. Written in a style which is clearly Mcintyre, fans of the comedian will really enjoy this book. Even if you are not a great fan but want a way into reading autobiographies then I would recommend this as one that you start off with as its easy to read, and you instantly feel welcome reading the book. (Some autobiographies I have read, have been really hard to get into because the comic has their own special way of writing to try and reach the audience, and not naming names, sometimes it doesn’t work….) There are some very poignant moments and even at the tough times throughout the book, Michael still makes it light hearted and fub to read. If you are not a big reader and prefer an audio book, I have heard from some people that his one is very funny as he laughs at himself throughout. Again not 100% sure, but this is what I have been told.
Autobiography Readability rating – 7/10 
Lee Evans – The Life of Lee
Loveable Lee

Loveable Lee

Out of all the autobiographies I have read, i found this one to be the most engaging and I am still holding onto a thread of hope that Lee may write a second book. FIrst of all let me tell you this up front, it is very long and it is because Lee goes in depth which is something that not all people do in a book. It’s not a book of young and them boom straight to stardom, no it focusses on his struggles of getting to that place in the first place. It is a really heartwarming story with a lot of struggles that even if you are not a fan of Lee Evans, you end up walking away with a lot of respect you never thought you had. You also walk away with something I have never experienced with other autobiographies, a sense of hope. Now let me explain this a bit better. It is the first book i have read where you can really feel the words come alive when he explains his family. Its not just words, you can feel the love that is flowing in his veins for his wife and daughter flow out of the book. You walk away wanting to know about the next chapter of his life and admiration that he has written such an intense book.
Autobiography Readability rating – 9/10 
I,Partridge – We Need To Talk About Alan
Poetic Patridge

Poetic Patridge

If you are a fan of Alan Partridge, then trust me you are going to love this, if you are not or haven’t watched any of the shows, then I would stay clear of this book as it references them a lot. This book is so clever on so many levels, for starters to think that the whole book has been written by Steve Coogan pretending to be Alan and then to write the whole of his life, you have to praise the work that has gone into it and the brains behind the book. When you read this book there will be moments when you will want to burst out with laughter at the Partridge-isms and also will not want to put the book down. And trust me, you will read the whole book with Alans voice in your head like a voice over.
Autobiography Readability rating – 8.5/10 
David Walliams – Camp David 
Descriptive David

Descriptive David

The man behind so many of the UKs greatest sitcoms in the recent years, and more recently childrens books and swimming extraordinary lengths for charity. If want to get to the man behind the comedic mask then this is the book for you. It does get emotional at some points so be prepared that it is not going to be all laughs along the way but it is very well written.
Autobiography Readability rating – 6/10 
Tina Fey – Bossypants
Terrific Tina

Terrific Tina

For our final recommendation , we are going across the pond to the States. Tina Fey may not be your average comedian but she started out her career in SNL and now is one of the most famous comic writers and actresses in USA television. Bossypants is a very comical and really well written book. Its engaging, and you want to keep reading as throughout she takes the mickey out of herself. It is a great insight in to the world of television and the struggles that she had as a woman. It is not all feminism it is actually very insightful and a great read.
Autobiography Readability rating – 9/10 

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