A few years ago, the band members of the band Lostprophets hit an absolute bombshell that tore the whole camp apart. The lead singer, Ian Watkins, was put behind bars for life for insanely awful child sexual assaults. It was a shock for both the band and the thousands of fans. Where do you go when your lead singer who most people listen to the band for gets arrested for the worst crimes ever? You cannot keep making music under the same name as it has been completely tarnished by the unthinkable acts of one of the members of your band.

So, it was announced that the band were going to make a new band with the frontman of the band Thursday, Geoff Rickly, under a new name, with new music, and new identity, that band is called No Devotion and their debut album has just dropped. The band have been around since 2014 and have been releasing singles sporadically to regain old and new fans. They have been touring the UK and also performed at this years Reading and Leeds festivals.

Their debut album was released 4 days before official release on the 21st September on the social media music sight, Soundcloud. The album, which was released officially yesterday, called Permanance has been receiving positive reactions from the music world. Lead singer Geoff has described the music produced by the band similar to the sounds of other rock bands such as The Cure, Joy Division and New Order. In an interview with NME they also described that the sound of the album is like dance music you wouldn’t want to dance to as they were listening to lots of different types of genres when they were making it.

The band are currently on tour in Europe and unfortunately on Friday had to cancel one of their gigs as it was soon brought to light that Geoff was both robbed and poisoned outside a venue in Hamburg. With an album release and the band set to go from strength to strength, it looks like the sun is starting to slowly shine for the members that have been through a lot and were told only a year ago that they would never work in the music industry again.