The stage from where I was sitting

I entered the small but really busy city hall with a smiling creepy looking close up face on green background on the projector on stage. No it’s not some crazy asylum I have entered, instead it’s the average welcome you will get to any Jimmy Carr gig. Which i suppose metaphorically you could call it a crazy asylum, a crazy asylum of jokes and comedic wit.

The last time I saw Jimmy was in Bournemouth in 2009 but since then have watched or listened to all of his other stand up shows – border line, right on the edge of a thin line and dam right rude but at the same time absolutely hilarious.
This is the first show that I have seen since moving to the North, and the first stand up concert that I decided to  see up here and boy, am I glad that I chose it as my first. The show is top form for Jimmy with his snappy wit, and joke after joke after joke. Some you just understand and others you have to think about before understanding the play on words.
The one thing that I found exceptionally funny is the hecklers. In London most people are tame or don’t really respond where as up here they are not afraid to try and it is the funniest I have ever seen. Some of the people that have heckled Jimmy have such strong accents that he is having difficulty understanding which is really funny with his responses. Also, something which I have not seen Jimmy do before is heckle in a northern accent. Everytime he starts doing it I instantly laugh as it reminds me of a previous joke he made in an older tour about accents.

Just  like classic Jimmy, the jokes are borderline but you just want to laugh because you know that he is talking about them for comedy effect, not to offend and annoy. He does what a lot of comedians do not do, challenge the edge of society but at the same time take the micky completely out of himself.

He spends a lot of the time on stage taking the mick out of the fact that he now has to pay full taxes which is very funny to hear, especially when some of the hecklers start saying things to him about it. It is obvious that Jimmy has been doing stand up for many years as he is a professional on stage, he doesn’t ever mess up a joke and can deal with the audience so well that you can’t believe sometimes that he has just made the response back on stage to the heckler on the spot. Just like every Jimmy show there is also a section where he uses a projector to use images to create more emphasis on a joke that he is telling.

If you want to go to a stand up comedy night where you will laugh yourself silly and walk away with a smile on your face and a feel that you have had your moneys worth of comedy then go to see Jimmy, you really will not be disappointed, especially if it is your first time.