Improv Corner – Never Prepare Reactions

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When you do improv, it can be a very easy trick to fall into when you play a scene and plan ahead what you are going to say or how you are going to react. Well, it can be hard to do but try and avoid doing it. The best forms of improv come from reacting on the spot to what you are told in the moment. By reacting on the spot you are creating a scene that flows more natural and that can also create some of the best improv.

An audience can sometimes tell when something is not a natural reaction and it can lead to a scene sometimes not making sense and can actually damage what was created before that particular planned wording. I have been in this scenario before when I was still very new to improv and I planned my reactions and dialogue in my head and when I said it I could see that the audience just did not react to it and it did not come across well and I also felt it knocked my confidence on the stage as well.

Now, don’t get me wrong, reacting to a piece of dialogue on the spot can be intimidating, especially if you are very new to improv but try and not let it scare you. If it is something that you are wanting to get more confident in then make sure you do rehearsals based around it.

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