Improv Corner – Stay Committed

When you start doing improv it can feel a bit scary, exciting and also surprising to accept what comes out of your mouth at times in scenes. When you begin learning, you have an idea of what to say in a scene but sometimes you block yourself from saying whatever it is as you are scared of what others will think.

One of the hardest things about improv is learning how to commit to something you want to say in a scene. Everyone goes through the same emotions it can be pretty daunting and scary, especially in front of an audience in your first set of shows.

I remember being taught these initial skills by The Suggestibles in 2015 in The Stand in Newcastle on a Saturday morning It was one of the first skills we learnt and played a version of Three Headed expert. I remember feeling so nervous and I was trying so hard not to block what I wanted to say but it was really difficult. By the end of the game I was starting to feel a lot more relaxed. It’s weird writing about this as the same emotions, smells and feelings come flooding back strongly in my head.

The most important advice I can give to you is to try and relax and remember that improv is usually taught in a safe space.

Photo by Kelly Lacy on Pexels

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