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Improv Corner – More Emotion

If there is one thing that is important in improv – especially in short form improv, then it is the use of emotion. With any sort of improv, you have a very short moment to make a story strong and intriguing for the audience and the use of […]

Improv Corner – Speedy Theatre

Sometimes when you do improv, especially long form, we focus on building up the narrative, painting a picture, creating an environment bot you and the audience can enjoy.  In short form, you have only on average 2 minutes to create an environment and really try and reel the […]

Improv Corner – Too Much Talking!

One of the main traps that people fall into when doing Short Form is that every single part of  a scene needs-to-have-lots-and-lots-or-talking-and-there-is-no-gap-to-breath-so-the-audience-have-to-focus-on-everything-that-is-being-said-and-it’s-so-much-to-take-in-that-it can-feel-very-clogged-up-and-everything-in-between – OK!! I think you get the point. Sometimes in scenes we can all talk too much. It is so easy to do, especially because […]