The London Notebook

The London Notebook – Best Celebrity Spots…

Welcome to a brand new Feature on the Phoenix Remix! One thing we really enjoy writing about is Travel and we have decided to expand on the writing we are doing about the topic! Whilst we are still keeping in the tradition of making our Tuesday Lunchtime articles inspired by a book it is also going to welcome Travel Tuesdays!

I have lived in London the majority of my life and it is a city that I have always been fascinated by because it doesn’t matter how many time you visit, you see something new.

Our brand new article is inspired by questions from a book called London Journal by Paperchase and each week we will look at different areas and topics about London! So, I hope you enjoy and lets kick things off!

London Quote of the Week

The man that can dominate a London dinner table can dominate the world.

Oscar Wilde

This Weeks Topic: Best Celebrity Spots

The one thing about London that is great is that it is a Capital City. This means that it has a thriving television and film industry which means that you can bump into celebrities at really random times. So here are some of my favourite memories of walking past celebrities or meeting them randomly.

Brian May, Queen

When I was a kid I was taken to the Rainforest Cafe as a treat around the first few months of it opening. Brian May just so happened to be eating there the same night. I can’t remember much about it apart from getting his autograph, a hug and seeing a robotic gorilla in the background.

Warwick Davis

I was meeting my mum for lunch last year in Chancery Lane area and was trying to find her, so i called her and while I was on the phone talking about directions a Segway came whizzing past and on that machine was Warwick Davis. It all happened so sudden it felt very surreal.

Robin Williams, Ben Stiller and The Cast of Night At The Museum 3

I was out one night with my friend having a catch up when we saw something being filmed in Trafalguar Square. We look in the gaps and saw the cast of Night At the Museum filming the night shots of the film which was pretty cool.

Rhys Ifans

My friend an I went and saw a play called Noises Off in Hammersmith last year and in the break we went to the outside seating area to get some fresh air and we ended up seeing Rhys Ifans. He was there chilling out and had come to see the play. Very out of the blue but that is the best way to see a celeb.

Feature Photo by Negative Space

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