Improv Corner – Mix Up The Sweep!

When you do certain types of improv, you do something called a sweep to edit a scene. This is when someone walks across the front of the stage left to right to end the scene. The sweep is usually very basic and simple but why not jazz it up?

There are many ways you can jazz up a sweep even if it is a show that has a variety of short scenes – if you have a theme for your show then it is a perfect way to heighten the ideology. Even if it is not a themed show, having your groups own unique ‘sweep’ can really make you stand out. Here are some angles you can think about when editing your sweep style.

+ The Movement – Ok, so keep it going left to right but do you have to just walk? Could you create an arm movement, a crawl or a mini dance move…

+ A Sound – In one of my last shows, I did in a theatre we had a sort of chant to the edit so that it stands out and is significant to the audience that is an edit. It also means it is easy to understand.

The one thing that is important to remember that in your audience there will be people that have never been to an improv show so whatever you decide you need to be clear.

Photo by Monica Silvestre on pexels

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