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The Travel Book – Wimborne Model Town, Dorset, United Kingdom

I have been to this tourist attraction so many times, I went to University in Bournemouth and there were many reasons why we ended up here. Sometimes it was with friends, other with friends kids and then I based my major project around this place and created my village around what i sketched and took photos of. I always enjoyed a visit to this model village as it is whimsical and I liked the feeling you got walking around it. I really enjoy walking the streets and looking at all the art work that went into creating something so small.

Wimborne Model Town and Village is located on King Street in Wimborne Minster in Dorset. It is £6.40 for adults, £6 for students, £6 for seniors and £5.50 for juniors. The model town opened in 1951 and depicts Wimborne in a 1/10th scale model. The village is full of model versions of shops, homes and the streets. The most impressive building is the church and is the focal point of everything and has an impressive decoration inside.

As well as being home to a model village it also has a garden that is set around them. They were created in the 1980s and include herbs, vegetables. rockery, shrubs and a miniature nature river system. It is a nice addition and brings the whole experience together.

If you do find yourself in Wimborne then I recommend giving it a visit as it feels like you are visiting a mini British experience. It is lovely little town and you really appreciate it when you walk around.

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