Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Lumidee

Welcome to the article where we celebrate pop groups that you may of completely forgot about their music or may not of heard of them before and want to listen to something new! Today we look at the music career of Lumidee.

Lumidee Celeno was signed to Universal Records in 2003 and her debut single was an instant hit that went straight into the top 10 in many countries around the world including the UK where it charted at number 2. The song came off the debut album that was released in the same year was called Almost Famous.

Even though this single had a huge success, Lumidee did not release another single until 2007! Instead what she did was come away from mainstream music and went to Europe, predominantly Germany, France and Belgium to focus on her career and released many mixtapes that was steered towards reggaeton and dance Hall.

In 2006 Lumidee released a single for the FIFA World Cup album called ‘Dance!’ the song also featured Fatman Scoop. The song sampled part of Whitneys I wanna Dance With Somebody.

The song was released as a single in some of the European countries and went into the top 10 in Germany, Hungary, Finland and Austria.

Since all this happened, Lumidee has released new music and even a second album in 2007 called Unexpected, she has featured on many songs and also controls and does music her way. So let’s have a look at some of her music today.


Never Leave You 




Crazy featuring Pitbull 

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