The Travel Book -Akvariet i Bergen, Norway

Today we are heading to Norway to an aquarium in Bergen town centre. The Akvariet i Bergen is located a twenty minute walk from Targalmenningen and there is a hop on and off bus from Bergen City Centre. It is open most days between 9am – 6pm.

The aquarium is home to many species including catfish, seals, penguins, piranhas and crabs just to name a few. It is not just animals from the oceans you can see in this attraction, you can also get close to insects, iguanas, marmoset and crocodiles.


Just like a lot of aquariums, they are currently supporting the use of less plastic and are currently holding an exhibition called Sea of Garbage which focuses  on the importance of trying to reduce man made waste.  Throughout the day, there are many talks that take place including ‘Humpback Whale’s Walk To Europe’ ‘Penguin Presentation’ and ‘Hunting for Facts – Fishing’.

When i was on a cruise up to the Fjords in 2012, we stopped at Bergen for the day. In that time, we did a lot of walking around and also decided to go to Akvariet for some of our time there. We love visiting aquariums (Not Sea World) and zoos around the world and we had never really been to one in Scandinavia before and wanted to visit.


From what I remember it was an ok aquarium, i don’t remember a lot about it but it was nice. We went mid season and in the middle of a strike in the harbours so whether or not that was the reason it was really quiet – i have no idea. So, instead of relying on my experience then please visit it yourself!

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