Comedy Book Corner – The Actors Life: A Survival Guide, Jenna Fischer

This month’s book is very different to the other books that I have written about on this article because it is not really an autobiography it is sort of mixed into a book that is all about advice.

Jenna Fischer is well known for playing the comedy role of Pam Beasely in The Office US and she felt that there is no books out there that really help new actors out trying to get into the business and that is what she wrote: a survival guide to becoming an actor.

Now, I am not an actress and have no plan on wanting to be an actress but I do like Jenna Fischer – I really liked her part in the Office US and quite enjoy following her on social media as she seems really down to earth so it was only natural that I wanted to read a book the she wrote.

This is a very interesting book and it does not matter whether it is about the world of acting because it is a really in depth about the struggles of industry.  I felt from working in television it sort of mirrored the same sort of journey I had to go on as a video editor so I found it in some ways pretty personal. However, if you do improv or comedy I still highly recommend this book because some of the techniques she talks about in the audition section are very helpful and I have already used some of these techniques already (check out this weeks improv diaries)

I found this such a great book to read, it was easy, entertaining and had the heart and warmth of what you would expect from a book by Jenna Fischer.

Readability Rating: 9/10

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