Improv Corner – Is This It?

I was on the tube the other day and I came across these posters and it made me, funnily enough think of an improv post to write.


As you can see from the signs, if you look at them closely enough, each of these posters have a relevance to the world of improv and sort of create advice in their own silly little ways. So, to do something different I thought I would do a little segment about each of these.

Is This It?

When you do an improv scene you should be trying to get the best out of your scene partner and creating the best improv that you can. However, when you are in a scene with someone that you do shows with all the time, you should question yourself as to whether this is it? Is there any way that you can heighten the scene, take it to another level of comedy, then you never know you may even surprise yourself!

Life’s Better When You Share It

Whilst it is great fun to be on stage and perform improv, it is way more fun if you allow others to share the enjoyment with you. If you do a scene try not to take it over and make sure to include other members of the team and allow them to shine as well because when you share an improv scene it can become naturally more fun! If there is one person that is trying to control it all the time you feel the pressure to perform and the other person in the scene will feel lost and not happy.


Make It 

Improv is what you make is and that is the best thing about it! Making things up on the spot is so much fun as you really get to make the scene what you want it to be! You need an object or a prop? Boom! Make it out of your imagination! The world is your oyster in improv and you should use it to the limit!

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