Improv London Podcast Month – INTERVIEW – Dream Guests, The Best Suggestions and Improv Styles…

Welcome to our first feature of the new year – we thought we would open the year with doing a feature month dedicated to a podcast that had a really successful 2018. Not only did the podcast reach over 100 on guests but it is also is now available on Spotify and Youtube. This month I have had the pleasure of sitting down with Improv London host and creator Stuart Moses to really go behind the microphone and find out more!

In our third part of our interview we discuss dream guests, listening, styles of improv and shows.

Who would be your dream guests and why?

 Pippa Evans, Cariad Lloyd and Josie Lawrence. They are fantastically talented performers, all of whom I am in awe of.


What is your favourite style of improv and why?

I like to perform emotionally grounded slowburn improv, as I find emotion the most effective way into character. To watch, variety is important to me. No one style is better, I just get tired of seeing the same thing all the time.

You interview so many improvisers do you ever run out of questions to ask them?

 I always ask the same sort of questions, so I never run out. I listen carefully to what my guest says, then react to that. Usually, I’m aiming to get the guest to dig deeper into one subject before moving onto the next. We’re not afraid of detail at Improv London.


What is the best suggestions you have ever got at a show and why?

During a Doctor Twoprov show we were given IO as a suggestion, which as everyone knows is the innermost of the four Galilean moons of the planet Jupiter. I immediately misunderstood the suggestions as being about IO (formerly Improv Olympic), thankfully the audience was full of improvisers so they got the joke.


What style of improv would you want to see more of and why?

 I’d like to see more variety. Yes, we can learn a lot from the USA, but let’s explore the rich theatrical traditions of Europe too. What can we learn from mask, clown, commedia dell’arte, TV, films or comics? Improv doesn’t have to begin and end with Harold.


What’s the most inventive improv show you have seen recently and why?

I went to see Project2 perform the first night of their Thirteen Cycles show at Rosemary Branch Theatre & Pub. It was hilarious, emotional and occasionally terrifying. I loved the way they used sci-fi concepts to explore the emotional connections between humans, AIs and beyond. They used lights and an improvised soundtrack to inspire some of the action.

Tune in for the least part of the interview with Stuart Next Week…

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