The Games That Time Forgot – London Cab Challenge, Playstation 2

There will always be games released that are meant to appeal to people because they are meant to reflect something that is popular about a particular city and the London Cab Challenge for Playstation 2 tried to do just that.

The game was released in 2006 and was developed and published by Phoenix games. The aim of the game was to basically have a race in various areas of, you guessed it, London.

The game was meant to be a different spin on popular games such as Crazy Taxi. The game was also classed as a simulation game and you have to work on your driving skills to upgrade you car to get higher in the rankings of drivers.  Throughout the game the higher you get the better the rewards that you get.

This game received a lot of negative reviews because of its poor graphics and being a very difficult game to control. The issues I have from watching the video clips of this game is that the cars do not even look like taxis that you would get in London.

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