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Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Cabin Crew

Today we look at a music duo that were from Sydney Australia that had a couple of hits in the United Kingdom. Cabin Crew was a dance music duo made up of DJ and Record Producer Ben Garden and Rob Kittler.

The song that they are most known for in the United Kingdom is the song Star to Fall. It was a song that was a remix of the 1988 hit single ‘Waiting For A Star To Fall’ that was originally released by Boy Meets Girl. There is a really interested story based around this remix as it lead to a battle with another band called Sunset Strippers.

Sony BMG heard that Cabin Crew were about to release a version of the song and they would not clear the track for them and try to block the release. However, the Boy Meets Girl lead singer heard the track and wanted to re-record the lyrics. Sunset Strippers and Cabin Crews versions were both released at the same time. Cabin Crews single went higher up the charts in 2004 and debuted at number 4, however Sunset Strippers stayed in the charts a lot longer. So today, lets have a look at their version .

Star To Fall

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