The Games That Time Forgot – Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster, Playstation One

stunt 2There are always computer games that come out that starring someone famous as the lead star and today we are looking at one of those. It would not be fair if someone as iconic as Jackie Chan didn’t have a game and luckily there is one called Jackie Chan Stuntmaster.

The game is based around the plot line that Jackie’s gradnfather Fredrick has been kidnapped and you have to rescue him. The game is set in New York City and you have to fight a number of different enemies to win the game and rescue Frederick. The game had 15 levels and was designed in 3D to try and bring more depth to the game.

Stuntmaster was released in March of 2000, it was published by Midway Home Entertainment and Developed by Radical Entertainment. It was a single player game and to make it as authentic as possible Jackie Chan was consulted the whole time through the process. The game received average reviews from critics.

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