Comedy Book Corner – The Bassoon King, Rainn Wilson

If you are looking for a book by an actor that has a lot of heart and warmth then his is a book that you might find a treat. If you are a fan for The Office US then this is a book you most definitely want to read this as it a real insight into one of the shows greatest characters.

Let’s start with the main reason you may buy this book and then work back. This book has a a few chapters completely dedicated to Rainn Wilson time on The Office and its really interesting to read about the process right from the beginning and gives you a really strong insight into that show. Throughout the book as well there are chapters that are written in the voice of Dwight Schutte and that is a great hidden wonder.

Apart from the tales from The Office US this book is really Insightful and a really good read. There is so many interesting stories about how Rainn got into acting and it may not be what you expected. A lot of the stories are really good reads and some are really sad but still very engaging.

This book is a good read and I do recommend it however, there are a few chapters that are very heavy with spirituality so you may find bits of it heavy going at times. Apart from that it is a good read.

Readibility Rating – 7/10

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