Improv Diaries – Pokemon, Marathons and Game Prep…. [Case Study: Ant and Dec, Poke Rap Battle]

This week was all stations go at Punders HQ, whilst we had one show down it did not mean that we got to slow down as this week was all about getting ready for our set at the Hoopla Improv Marathon. A 48 hour non stop festivity of different styles of improv. For this show we decided to try out a new format called Channel Flip.

This week was all about getting the key factors down in an improv game that we are performing at the Marathon this week. One of the games we invented and have only played once, so it was important to make sure it worked and figuring out how we can make it successful.

Luckily, the original concept that we had works relatively well and from the first time of trying it this week it worked well. We did however spend a lot of the time trying to redefine what that was and smoothing out the kinks to make it show test worthy.

That is one thing I really enjoy doing, forming a game and seeing how well it works and if it could work in a show format. Creating game formats is the one thing that I really enjoy being part of an improv troupe. We were not sure that the game was going to work and then the first go had us all in hysterics so that is a good sign right?

I look forward to playing the game on Saturday and seeing if it actually works in an audience environment.


Case Study – Ant and Dec, Poke Rap Battle

I suppose in some ways this little skit on SM:TV Live that really has helped us this week channel our inner pokemon and that is the Poke Rap Battle. It was such a huge part of this kids show and I remember that I used to watch this and then when the cartoon came on I would actually change the channel.

I really like the game that we have created around improv and pokemon and seeing little skits like this have really helped showing us that silliness can really work in a battle environment with made up creatures involved. The most important thing about any battle with Pokemon of any kind is to make sure that you are having fun!

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