Each month we will be choosing the best tour that you should go and see. Some will be just as the month turns and if this happens then we will post the blog article a little bit early so you have time to purchase tickets. So without further ado lets delve straight into the choice of the month – Dave Chappell and Jon Stewart

Tour Dates:

21st October – Royal Albert Hall, London
22nd October – Royal Albert Hall, London

Ticket Prices: From

About:  Dave Chappelle is an Emmy award winning comedian who made his reputation on the comedy circuit in New York. He has a huge Netflix deal and is now recognised as one of the best stand up comedians of all time.

Jon Stewart is most known for hosting the satirical news programme on Comedy Central, The Daily Show from 1999 to 2015 and has won 22 Emmy awards for it.

This October, Dave Chappell and Jon Stewart are teaming up and heading to the Royal Albert Hall for two nights only.


 If you are looking forward to taking a photo of your favourite comedians then think again as these shows have banned the use of mobile phones due to the technology involved. Everyone that takes a phone will be expected to place it in a locked Yondr pouch.