Cheer up!

After a weekend filled with excitement for all of us, with the improv community gathering together at the Hoopla Improv Marathon, life is back to normal and we are all here to keep you entertained!

This week, on C3? happenings…

C3Sundays has a great line-up for you and joining us are Pillow Fight – who are quickly making their way into our smiles – and Dudes – a TwoProv composed of two of the favourite people of the London Improv community, Ed Farger and Julia Eckhof. Come show your support!

And if you’re still filled with excitement from the Hoopla Impro Improv Marathon and are sad you don’t have another weekend filled with improv – CHEER UP! We’ve arranged a Super Jam as our #LateNightSpecials so that you can have fun on our stage and we can reward you for you support!

Sunday at 7PM at The Horse & Stables SE1 7RW

Categories: C3Something, Comedy, Shows

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