Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Will Mellor

If there is something that is common in pop music is that ever so often a soap star will leave their show and delve into the world of music. This was a really popular trend back in the late nineties and the early noughties. Today we look at one of those careers today.

Will Mellor appeared in Hollyoaks as James. He left the show in 1998 and then started to dip his foot into the music industry. His first single was released after he left the show and it was a cover of the Leo Sayer song ‘When I Need You’. The song did really well and entered the charts at number 5. Due to the success of his debut single he went on to release another song straight after called ‘No Matter What I Do’ which sadly did not do as well and entered into the charts at number 23.

It was not the only time that Will had a taste of the music industry – he appeared in the Comic Relief music video for Boyzones ‘When The Going Gets Tough.’ Will Mellor went back to acting in comedies and of course the famous comedy Two Pints Of Larger and a Packet of Crisp he still had a taste of music with another Comic Relief based music show. He took part in the 2003 version of Comic Relief Does Fame Academy.

Will Mellor took part in the singing contest against Ruby Wax, Paul Ross, Fearne Cotton and Ulrika Jonsson ad he ended up beating all of them and winning the competition. SO lets have a look at his music career today.

No Matter What I Do


When I Need You



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