Comedy Clicks USA

Comedy Clicks – USA Edition – Gilligan’s Island

Each week, we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best sitcoms and comedy shows from both the UK and the USA.

Today we will be looking at a comedy that won an award in 2013 for the best theme tune ever. Today we look at the comedy television show – Gilligan’s Island

g island

Opening Sequence / Theme Tune

About the Show

Summary of Plot

Seven men and women are stranded on an uncharted island following a torrential storm. -IMDb

Number of Seasons / Episodes

3 seasons


Bob Denver – Gilligan

Alan Hale Jr. – Jonas ‘The Skipper’ Grumby
Jim Backus – Thurston Howell III

Natalie Schafer – Mrs Lovey Howell
Tina Louise – Ginger Grant
Russell Johnson – Professor Roy Hinkley
Dawn Wells – Mary Ann Summers  


  • In the very first shot of the opening credits, the American flag over the harbor can be seen flying at half-mast. The reason was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, shortly before the shot was filmed.
  • Alan Hale Jr. had a tendency to address people as “little buddy”. Because of this, “little buddy” became the Skipper’s signature term of affection for Gilligan. It is now widely used by fans as a nickname for Bob Denver.
  • In the backstory, The Professor had taken the three-hour tour to relax before he began writing a book, “Fun with Ferns”.
  • The theme song is the winner of the 2013 Yahoo TV Best TV Theme Song Ever. The 12th seed in a bracketed competition, it beat the theme from Cheers (1982) in the finals.
  • The show was originally slated to return for the 1967-68 season along with another new comedy show to replace the canceled “Gunsmoke” (1955)_. However, CBS reversed its decision and canceled “Gilligan” and kept “Gunsmoke”, which ran for another eight seasons.


Gilligans Best Moments

Giant Spider

The Pigeon

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