Nostalgic Ninties – Kwenchy Kups

These were everywhere – I think that is the easiest way to welcome you to the world of a drink you may not of heard about. There were many adverts, there was lots of advertising and they were everywhere – so much so that when you saw one your friends were drinking you would become jealous that you didn’t have one – but then wheen you did get the gold mine of being given one, you were sorely dissapointed and hated it, because, well, it tasted disgusting. It was like a very sacarine taste that would linger in your mouth. Welcome to the world of the Kwenchy Kup.

Now why were these things so attractive to kids? Welll I can tell you why there were for me – it was the teeny tine straw that you got and the option to pierce the lid anywhere you wanted on the top and the pop noise when you did was so satisfying! The shape of the drinks container was really appealing as well as the colour of the substance – you could tell that these marketing guys interviewed children because they appealed so much!

So, what actually IS a Kwenchy Kup?! A Kwenchy Kup is a sugar free drink that you can buy in supermarkets in a variety of different pack sizes. They have a lot of sweeteners in them and come in a number of different flavours such as cola, raspberry, blackcurrent, orange and many more. They are made by the Calypso company and I cannot find a date or a year when they were first made.

Now, reading this you could probably argue since they are so available today they are not really a nostalgic item but to me i feel that they are as I remember there being so much advertising for these. Sometimes nostaliga may be a personal choice but at the same time I think it’s fun to share memories that one has of an item from when they were a kid.

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