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The Travel Book – Córdoba, Spain

If you happen to visit Andalucia in the future and want a reccomendation of a city that you must visit whilst you are there then let me suggest the Roman Settlement of Córdoba. It is place that is oozing with history as it was colonized by Muslim armies in the eighth century.


The city which is just over an hour journey from Sevilla or Malaga, is such a beautiful place to walk around as it has some pretty breathtaking architecture and is home to the renowned  Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba. The one thing you will notice when you walk around Cordoba is that there is so much to see. Around each turn there is something exquisite and interesting – especially in the old town. The detail in the buildings is wonderful and sometimes you forget that you are in Spain because it is very different to the style of buildings you would see anywhere else.

One of the highlights in Córdoba is the bridge near the  Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba, also known as the Roman Bridge of Cordoba. It really is a work of art and is such a beautiful bridge just to look at. If you happen to walk across the bridge you may be welcome by musicians playing music. The last time I was in Cordoba someone was playing the Game of Thrones theme tune on string instruments – i don’t watch the show but it felt so in keeping with the area.


Apart from the old town, there is also a more modern area that is filled with lots and lots of shops, so if you are looking to buy some items from department stores you can and there is lots of places to choose from! If you are looking for gifts or souvenirs that are more touristy then the old town will probably be the best place to shop as there are lots of boutiques winding in and out of the alleyways.


I really recommend visiting  Córdoba as it really is a pretty place and there will always be something new waiting for you around the corner.

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