Lost In Music – A Song That Is An Acoustic You Love

Welcome to this Months feature! Now, January is a time when it is the start of something new and everything fresh! With that means that people are always on the lookout for new music! Well, this feature may not bring you a lot of new music but it will welcome you into my world! Music is a huge part of my life – if i am not listening to it, i am playing my guitar or keyboard or even writing a post for this site (Off The Record).

So to start off 2018 I wanted to write about a topic I love and I came across this daily challenge so I thought why not turn it into an article! So here we go! Lets start this monthly feature – Lost in Music (You probably have that song stuck in your head now its by Sister Sledge)

A Song That Is An Acoustic You Love: Night Drive – The All-American Rejects

There are many songs that I could put under the ‘favourite acoustic’ category, however there are some versions of song that I prefer to the original and this song fits this bracket. I loved buying CDs, even though most of my music these days come from Spotify, I still own a lot of my CDs (fun fact the last CD I bought was Neighbourhoods by Blink-182. When it was released I was already listening to Spotify a lot but my rule was always to have a Blink-182 in hard format whenever they released new music. Funny how that changed when Tom Delonge left….).

I enjoyed buying CDs because music wasn’t release track by track sporadically instead you just got them all at the same time and the pure joy was listening to them altogether for the first time – that magic is now lost with the world of Digital music. I recently got a Hi-Fi (for christmas) where you can play music from Spotify and your CDs and it is bringing back all the magic CDs brought all over again. Saying that, the only CD that I have played on repeat since having it is Fall Out Boys Folie A Deux album because I never listen to it on Spotify as I feel it should be onl listened to on CD – weird ways we work  isn’t it!

Anyway back to the topic at hand, one CD I used to really enjoy listening to was All American Rejects – I was late to the game buying their first couple of albums but then bought it when it was on special and enjoyed the joy of listening to it in my personal CD player at the time. The one thing I love about CDs are the deluxe versions where you get additional and if I didn’t get this version I would of not come across the acoustic version of their song NIght Drive.

I like the original song as it’s fast, a great pace, exciting and a great guitar however the acoustic version is amazing. The one thing I absolutely LOVE about the acoustic version is the drums – it is a simple tappy beat but my word it is so highly addictive. It really makes this song. Another thing I love about the acoustic version is the singing – it is rustic and just all around amazing. I don’t listen to this song as much as I probably should anymore, but I used to listen to it so much. It is a fantastic song and can get absolutely addicted to it.

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