The Travel Book – Whatever Your Class, Don’t Be A Travel A***

When I write this post I usually write about locations I have visited and areas that I recommend but on a recent flight recently I was so appalled by the attitude of two people on a plane that I had to write an article as it angered me so much.

I am a frequent traveller and sometimes I fly or travel in economy and other times I travel business – I would say it’s a 30/70 split. If I travel on my own I tend to travel economy, if I am with mum I travel business because it’s nice to have no stress a meal and that little extra leg room.

Before Christmas we went away for a short weekend to Geneva and flew business – we decided to because we got a great deal with British Airways to fly business class. Now, you do get characters in business but most of the time people are polite and act like they would in normal civilisation. There are some people though that become animals and treat the air hostesses like lower class citizens.

I am not going into what these two people did because frankly I don’t want to give them the time of day because they were ignorant horrible people. It got me thinking though – why do some people become such pigs in the air. Here is a few things that you should consider the next time you fly:

Air hostess are people too

Yes you’re on holiday, you want that drink, you want the service, you can’t wait to go to your destination but remember – the air staff are people too. Don’t get rude to them because you want a drink RIGHT THIS SECOND – you are not the not the only one on the flights.

You are not the only people on the flight

One thing that struck me about this couple on the flight the other day was they treated the plane as if it was their own personal jet – everything was constantly disrupted because they were always interrupting the hostesses doing their duties because they were constantly demanding champagne, or wanted a different meal to the one they ordered or demanding caviar or throwing cardigans on the fire exit bag when the hostess was doing the demonstrations etc.

Some people are very selfish on flights and only care about number one – and this just doesn’t upset one customer it upsets all.

Be Respectful to Your Neighbours

Now don’t get me wrong I know if your a tall person there is not much leg room on a plane – but does not mean that you can jam your chair all the way back without making them aware.

Also be respectful of the people around you – no one wants to know your life story.

I promise that the new year will be filled with lots more travel articles – but the next time you see one of these sorts of people, just be even more friendlier to the hostess and tell them they are doing a great job!

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