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Forgotten Pop! – This Week – 2wo Third3

Today we look at a band that was around in the nineties and were a group that solely focused on the genre of electropop. They were known for all being openly gay members. Today we look at the band – 2wo Third3.

This band were signed to Sony Music and were managed by the same person who looked after East 17. As well as being an openly gay group, two of their members always dressed in identical outfits, predominantly suits with white gloves.The lead singer would wear a plaster on his face and the final member of the group Biff, was usually represented by a Cartoon Dog.

One of the things that the band prided themselves on was the design of the band and how they were represented. They had yellow rubber gloves sent out with promotional records as well as a Biff plaster as well.

The group had 4 singles in the charts that did not reach the top 20 including Hear Me Calling and I Want The World. So lets have a look at some of the music the band released

I Want the World

I Want to Be Alone

Hear Me Calling


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