Nostalgic Nineties

Nostalgic Nineties – Smelly Gel Pens

Another week and another article I have come by about products that were available in the nineties that make me feel nostalgic.Gel Pens, I mean who ever thought i would get nostalgic about a pen let alone a GEL pen. They were a big thing when  I was a kid  – everyone had them – if you didnt have one then you were not cool – it was  all   about making your writing pretty. however, there was one  gel pen that stood out amongst the rest and that was the smell gell pens. Yes, there was a time when  scent  was more  important then the pen itself.

I know they are still around now and available to buy, however, when you are a kid you remember them to be big and exciting.I can’t find a specific date as to when the actual smell    gel pens came in but I am sure that they were a new thing at the end of the 90s. I remember them being absolutely everywhere – in magazines as free gifts, the mustbuy in all the stationary stores and the must need thing for the pencil case.

I  remember everyone had blueberry -not by choice it was just one of those flavours that came with everything. I can remember the real sweet scent that it had and its sickening scent. Another one that a lot of people had was the banana scented one – I remember this being very sweet and very strong banana smell – I am not a fan of banana unless it is the fresh fruit but I quite liked the smell of that.

I remember drawing cartoons with them a lot but if you used too many at the same time it would create a high sweetly over the top perfume smell that would be too much.

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