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Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Nick Knowles

This week we look at the music career of a man that is famously known in the UK for being the face of the television show DIY SOS. Not many people remember that this guy delved into the music scene for a while but he did! Today we look at TV Presenter Nick Knowles. 

There was a time when Nick Knowles released a song with his brother called An Eye For an Eye which received positive reviews on Amazon as well as catching the attention of people who were fans of the Josh Widdecombe XFM Podcast as they spoke about it a lot and gave it a lot of air time. There was even a Facebook group set up by a fan called ‘More People Need to see this video of Nick Knowles singing”.  In the past year it looks like Nick wanted the song banished from the world as there no evidence that it existed as all the videos on youtube has been deleted and even the album on Amazon is not available anymore.

It may be near to impossible to find the audio for the song, but i managed to find the lyrics to the song

Verse 1

When we fight one and other

Our hearts filled with hate.

The ones who suffer are the ones who sit at home and wait.

And there’s always a reason

The good reason why

We’re told it’s for truth and for freedom

The freedom to kill or to die


Is there no denying those who are trying to poison our minds?

Cos an eye an eye is making the whole world blind

Verse 2

And the men that we follow

You are best left ung-herrrr

For your hearts are hollow and you’re just like your words

So the fate of the many

Is sealed by the few

A bet a pound to a penny a bullet will never find you


While the orphans and widows weep in the shadows betrayed by human kind

And an eye for an eye is making the whole world blind

Middle 8

To death or glory

How blind can we be?

How many children must die before we consider ourselves to be free?

Verse 3

We live in a world divided

That’s driven by greed

Where the poor and misguided deliver us children in need

So the cries of the fallen

Still ring in our ears

But we’ll keep on calling till somebody hears


And who will dry the tears in the eyes of the ones they leave behind?

Cos for an eye an eye is making the whole world blind

The whole world blind


Oh oh oh oh oh


An eye for an eye, making the whole world blind (the whole world blind)

Why can’t we see? Why can’t we see?

An eye for an eye is making the whole world blind.

We may not be able to find the song that we are talking about, but enjoy this video of Nick Knowles singing for the Television charity show, Children in Need in 2008.

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