The Music Guide – Owl City

If you are looking for something to brighten up your day then why not turn up the computer and listen to some Owl City. The band is an electronica project that was formed in 2007 in Minnesota and was one of many projects set up by Adam Young; a singer songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Owl City was created when Adam was experimenting in his parents basement and achieved following and a success on MySpace before signing to Universal Republic Records in 2008.

They have released many albums including Of June and Maybe I’m Dreaming (2007), Ocean Eyes ( 2009) All Things Bright and Beautiful (2010), The Midsummer Station (2011) and Ultraviolet (2014). Their biggest song to date is Fireflies which went six time platinum.

Here are some songs from their catalogue to make your day that little bit brighter.


My Everything

Good Time Feat Carly Rae Jepson 

When Can I See You Again?

Dementia feat Mark Hoppus

Vanilla Twilight

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